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Fraxel Restore & Thermage CPT

The two big weapons against skin aging for those looking for supreme natural beauty treatments without pain, incisions and surgery.

Cosmetic Medicine

Liquid Lifting

Since a few years ago the injectable facelift, featuring the botox and hyaluronic, was considered to be a revolution in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Lifting without lancet

Refresh your face and body skin after vacations without surgery by choosing one of the three new generation treatments.

Perfect silhouette

The most effective, combined non-invasive treatments for perfect body without cellulite and local fat.

Long Lasting Fillers

Up until yesterday their action was lasting for some months and the wrinkles started to reappear at the face. Today the enhancing materials guarantee results that last for years.

Six weeks before the mechanical lymphatic massage (Lipomassage)

In its new version, the popular Lipomassage treatment is performed on a special bed.