The childhood skin is surprisingly resistant to various buffering agents thanks to the stratum corneum, which is the shell, in which lipids are incorporated into a matrix of keratin.

This layer of baby skin is fully developed in nascent newborns and that's why many children spend time with diapers without any intertrigo trace, despite the fact that the children's skin has undergone massive irritation from various excretions.

Child’s Skin

The normal children's skin does not need special care, without thereby enhancing the misconception that the skin will stop producing lipids if continuously receives creams and lotions. Young children should not be left too long in the bathtub, because the loss of keratinocytes is increased and the children's skin becomes dry.

During the first years of life, children's skin should be protected from the sun. This is because the ultraviolet rays can penetrate the thin skin of the infant child, and because the child has less pigment to protect the skin.

Using clothes and a hat are the most effective protection measures against the sun, while for children over two years old is necessary to use sunscreen formulation with natural filters in thick layer.