Clinical Activities

Dermoscopy is a special imaging method on the moles.

It is performed by using a special tool called dermatoscope, which allows the enlargement of the image of moles, the detailed examination of individual characteristics and the final assessment based on dermoscopic criteria.

In recent decades, cryosurgery is one of the most important sectors of interventional dermatology.

The cryogen that is used today is mainly liquid nitrogen which has a boiling point of - 196th C. Nitrogen gas is odorless, not toxic nor flammable and is easy to transport.

The electrosurgery or diathermopixia is a well-known method used to treat various skin diseases with excellent results.

It's about the removal or destruction of malignant lesions mainly by the use of power, after topical anesthesia.

The dermatologic surgery is a surgical removal of various lesions of the skin under local anesthetic in the clinic by a skilled dermatologist – skin surgeon.

At our clinic, various dermatologic surgical procedures are made, with surgical removal of warts in both the face and the body being the major act.

The trichogram belongs to the non-invasive methods of alopecia diagnosing and is a major approach in the workup of non cicatricial forms of alopecia.

It allows the observation of the morphology of the hair root and the hair shaft.