Liquid Lifting

Since a few years ago the injectable facelift, featuring the botox and hyaluronic, was considered to be a revolution in the field of aesthetic medicine.

The doctor could smooth the wrinkles and restore the volume that was lost without the need of cutting and... stapling. Yet, as attractive as it may seems, this method failed to ever replace the surgical facelift, nor deal satisfactorily with the relaxation of tissues. In many cases the face looked bloated and unnatural. That is why the new trend today is the combination of PDO threads with hyaluronic acid injections. As explained by dermatologist Anastasia Tzouma, the doctor corrects the relaxation with the threads and then gives volume with hyaluronic acid. The PDO is safe and absorbable, bearing no hooks, they do not create complications, or moved out of their position. The doctor inserts them as a grid under the skin without making incisions and leaves them in and in the coming months new collagen is produced and thus the skin looks firmer. A few days after the lift with threads, injections of hyaluronic acid gives volume to cheekbones and fill the lines between the face and nose.