Target: Give an end to buns and belly fat.

Way: Cryolipolysis.

Countdown: 3 weeks before the bikini.

Appropriate for: people with normal weight,but with accumulated localized fat.

Cryolipolysiswith KryoKontur is a new, revolutionary, non-invasive method of reducing localized fat. Based on a fully controlled cooling mechanism, it destroys the targeted fat cells with absolute precision. It is a simple, safe and painless procedure in which the fat cells are exposed to a low- controlled temperature, resulting in their destruction, without damaging the surrounding tissue. In the area, a head is applied depending on the area, which cools the subcutaneous fat for about one hour. The dead fat cells are then expelled from the body through the natural metabolic process and fat is removed from the desired parts, like belly and buns.

1-3 sessions are required, with an interval of 45 days. The result is visible from the first 10-15 days and it is permanent. The new KryoKontur system has larger heads than the older systems and it has the ability to cool homogeneously and with absolute precision all of the head's area. Thus, a single session with the KryoKonur is enough for someone that wishes to wear 2 sizes smaller clothes. No recovery time is needed. Cryolipolysis has optimal results on individuals who control their diet, do not deviate far from their normal weight and have local fat deposition, resistant to exercise and diet.Harvard University, after extensive studies, concluded that Liposculture by using cryolipolysis is the safest, non-invasive method for reducing localized fat. The method has been formally approved by the FDA.

We thank Mrs. Anastasia Tzouma MD, dermatologist-venereologist, educated in facial anti-aging and body treatments at the Esthetic Skin Institute in New York. (