At the clinic, we have two hair removal lasers and specifically the latest model of the American house Candela, the Gentle Pro.

It's the hair removal laser Alexandrite, emitting at 755 nm.

What is the Nd Yag laser?

The Nd Yag laser of the American house Candela (GentleMax system) is the laser we use at the clinic.

What is the Fraxel Dual Laser?

It is the prototype fractional laser of the Ebrium category. This is the original fractional treatment laser and it is the industry's golden standard in the field of dermal restoration and reformation.

Fraxel technology offers perfect balance between the clinical efficiency and the patient's comfort.

Cryolipolysis is a new revolutionary non-invasive method for reducing localized fat. Based on a fully controlled cooling mechanism, it destroys the targeted fat cells with absolute precision. The KryoKontur is a German-made system and the first system in Greece using the new compressor technology, with the ability to heal big surfaces. It can be applied to most areas of the body like abdomen, buns, adductors, arms, thighs, even at knees, in contrast to older technologies which could only be applied to the abdomen and the buns and to smaller surfaces.

What are the Accent RF (radio frequencies)?

This is the most effective tightening treatment using monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency. The ACCENT RF increase the heat of the skin layer beneath the epidermis.

What is Accent Caviation treatment?

Accent Cavitation Treatment is addressed to all wishing to sculpt their figure, to eliminate cellulite and to regain the healthy and slim body that they have always dreamed of.

Lpg was founded in 1986 at Velence, France by Louis Paul Guitay. Mr. Guitay invented a method to help restore the damaged muscle tissue and to standardize physiotherapy by providing a massage simulation through electronically controlled mechanization and mobilization.

Over time, patients noticed an interesting side effect: the improvement of the uneven distribution of surface fat known as cellulite.

The trichogram belongs to the non-invasive methods of alopecia diagnosing and is a major approach in the workup of non cicatricial forms of alopecia.

It allows the observation of the morphology of the hair root and the hair shaft.

What is the mole mapping?

The mapping of moles is the most advanced method for early diagnosis of skin cancer.

By using a medical camera we are taking pictures of ultra high resolution (digital dermatoscopisis)


It is one of the most beloved treatments, both for women and men.

The Dermapen is a machine that looks like a big pen that has 12 thin needles.

The Dermapen penetrates the skin up to 100 times per second with adjustable speed and depth of between 0.25 mm-2.5mm, depending on the area being treated.

What is the Pixel RF?

It is a new fractional (partial) skin regeneration treatment based on radio frequency technology.

It is the most reliable non-surgical tightening and remodeling solution of the contour of the skin with RF frequencies without injections and with little or no recovery time, serving as an alternative to surgical lifting.