Full face application with hyaluronic acidcombined with PDO threads and autologous mesotherapy.

The hyaluronic acid is the most safe, painless and in the most natural way of wrinkle recovery treatment. Hyaluronic acid is a crystalline transparent gel which is injected into the skin. The treatment lasts 30 minutes and the patient can return to work immediately.To completely reduce the risk of even causing onesmall bruise but for more evenly and natural result, the implementation is done using microcannoulas to the needle's position. The result appears immediately and lasts more than a year. The most common areas that's been used:

-The lines between the face and nose (nasolabial lines).

-The corners of the mouth and the sad wrinkles (marionette wrinkles).

-The Lips (adding volume, contour and shape).

-The cheekbones, chin and facial angles.

-Glabella lines.