What is the mole mapping?

The mapping of moles is the most advanced method for early diagnosis of skin cancer.

By using a medical camera we are taking pictures of ultra high resolution (digital dermatoscopisis)

Mole Mapping

Furthermore, with the body being fully photographed, the moles are mapped and identified with accuracy in the repeated examinations.

In the practice of regular retests, the initial and repetitive images are compared and thus, the slightest differentiation and possible occurrence of skin cancer at an early stage is detected.

Which mapping system we use at the clinic?

At the clinic we use a digital fotofinder system.

It is one of the most advanced digital mapping systems in the world.

Initially, the body is mapped with a special camera, mapping all of the moles at their exact position.

Then, by using an ultra high resolution dermatoscope, pictures are taken for each mole.

These dermatoscopic pictures are compared to specific moles of the body making the recognition and monitoring of the damage easy and effective.