In its new version, the popular Lipomassage treatment is performed on a special bed.

A white bodysuit of specialized texture is applied to you, in order for the Cellu M6 heads to attach on your body.

The Doctor initially makes an evaluation of the condition if the cellulite coexists with relaxation and local fat- and then prepares the program on the computer. Dermatologist and Venereologist Dr. Tzouma states that: <<the new technology of Lipomassage has the advantage of allowing us to act in many ways, like making lipolysis and lymphatic massage.

The device causes in depth tissue mobilization that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. In this way the skin texture is improved. In the first 2-4 sessions we do lymphatic massage exclusively in order to remove the toxins and to “deswell” the body. In the following sessions we are focused on local fat, cellulite and tightening.>>

Depending on the scale of the problem, the recommended number of session is 12-20 while 2 maintenance sessions per month are also recommended. The cost begins at 40€ per session.